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Used Car Manager

Our system has the right tools and reports that will enable you to successfully manage and guide your department to higher sales and profits.

Leverage the "To Do" List to Shorten Time to Market

A "to do" list is generated for each member of your team so they can contribute effectively to preparing the vehicles to be ready for market as quickly as possible.

Simplify the Workflow

Our system has automated as many activities as possible. It automatically uploads all known information associated with the VIN. It produces a comprehensive list of manufacturer options and features, enabling you to provide buyers all the accurate and necessary information to become part of their choice set.

Improve Buyers' Virtual Experience

Our unique camera (which contains patented software) allows an in-house photographer to create excellent photos that are always matched to the right vehicle. Just scan the VIN Barcode, take pictures and they will be quickly uploaded on the web instantly through any Wi-Fi system. You can create a great visual experience for the buyer and those who will influence their purchase decision.

Set the Right Price

Our highly sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, Price Intelligence Tool will allow you to consistently monitor and set your prices to create a competitive advantage for you. The Price Intelligence Tool tells you, in real time, the number of similar vehicles (make, model, trim, and mileage) that are in your market area and where your vehicle ranks in relation to the price of the competing vehicles. By making adjustments, up or down, to the price, you can quickly see how it ranks with the other vehicles. The Price Intelligence tool can also be used as an effective appraisal tool for trade-in vehicles.