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Why DealershipLogic

Time is Money

So, we automated many time-consuming activities required to market your vehicles effectively and win with customers at every step of their purchase process.

Wireless Upload of Photos to the Web Instantly

Our unique camera takes pictures and uploads them automatically so your vehicles are showcased on the web instantly. Outstanding photos with 100% accuracy. Buyers will have a great virtual experience with the vehicle of interest to them.

Automated Vehicle Description

Our tool automatically uploads all known information associated with the vehicle’s VIN. Then, it produces a comprehensive list of accurate manufacturer options that you can determine during inspection. All information is consolidated and made accessible from your desktop so sales consultants are equipped to answer questions from potential buyers.

Window Stickers and Buyers Guide @ click of a button

All information from the VIN + Options and Vehicle Description Builder are consolidated to produce Window Stickers and Buyers' guides. You just click a button to print them. Additionally, custom Window Stickers can easily be formatted, and Buyer’s Guides are set to reflect specific state or local requirements.

Reach More Buyers Right Away

Winning online is critical. Over 80% of buyers use the Internet as the first step in their shopping/buying experience. Our Extend Reach Tools deliver the rich content to a broader audience in real time. The comprehensive information and photos are posted simultaneously on your website and other marketing channels. So, your vehicles are more likely to be included in the customer's short list of considered vehicles.

Go Beyond your Local Market

Auction Management Tool extends your reach to potential buyers outside of your local market. It enables you to post vehicles on eBay with a click. It harvests additional leads at the end of each auction.

Proactively Manage Leads

Our Lead Management Tool allows you to harvest leads and market other vehicles and/or notify interested customer’s of price changes to vehicles they have inquired on.

With DealershipLogic, you can be part of the buyers’ choice set…right away!


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