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Why DealershipLogic

Knowledge is Power

DealershipLogic generates reports that provide insights to help you achieve operational excellence and maximize profits.

Daily Status Report at your Fingertips

Our Daily Inventory Overview shows the status of your inventory and where the bottlenecks are. It indicates how many new trades you have; how many are in service; and how many are in stock for retail selling or on auction. More importantly, it shows the number of days it has been in a particular status so you can make appropriate decisions to remove bottlenecks and accelerate sales.

Activity Tracking to Drive Operational Excellence

Our Activity Tracking Reports show both completed tasks and unfinished ones at a glance. It creates a daily “to-do” list for each team member indicating the missing critical information for each vehicle. Our tool also tracks progress over time so you can champion the utilization of best practices across the organization.

Set the Right Price

Our Pricing Intelligence Tool enables you to buy and sell at the right price using real time market data. When you are pricing an in-stock vehicle or appraising a trade-in, have a new trade, this tool will show you the number and price range of vehicles being sold within 75 mile radius that are similar in year/make/model/trim and mileage. When you are setting the selling price, you can enter different prices and it will show how competitive you are at each price point. This helps set the right price for your customers optimum price to generate leads, appointments and sales.

Redirect Resources to Accelerate Sales

Our Market Efficiency Index Report reveals the marketability of your inventory, at any point in time. This will allow you to redirect resources appropriately and identify opportunities to move unmarketable vehicles faster.

DealershipLogic captures and synthesizes information so you can make smart business decisions every day!


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