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How It Works

Our Methodology

Our patented, powerful web-based technology represents a new way of thinking… a new approach to problem solving; thus, enabling you to stay one step ahead of your competitors at all times.

Platform - Our patented technology platform, ThinkingFolders™, is designed to innovate the way people work together.

DealershipLogic bridges the gap that exists between operations and marketing in two ways:

Build richness - enables your team to create rich content that today's buyer's demand: the right price, comprehensive and accurate information, excellent custom comments and a great visual experience - so that your vehicles become part of the buyers' choice set.

Extend reach - delivers the rich message to a broader audience in real time.

It can operate as a stand-alone system or in tandem with other operational systems. It is designed to interface with existing Legacy Data Management System and online marketing channels; thus, making it easy for you to transition to our system without disruption to your business operations.