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General Manager

Our system enables you to manage your daily operations effectively and efficiently. It communicates your dealership's daily priorities and helps you identify bottlenecks that could get in the way of meeting your monthly sales goals. It provides leads that can be harvested and converted into lifetime customers.

Know What is Missing at a glance

You will have a daily view of unfinished tasks in your dealership. You will see bottlenecks. This gives you an opportunity to engage your team to identify permanent solutions to remove these bottlenecks.

Improve Market Efficiency Index

The Market Efficiency Index reveals how much of your inventory (assets) are not marketable at any point in time. This will enable you to focus the efforts of your team to convert the inventory to marketable assets and quickly get the inventory in front of potential buyers.

Lead Management in Real Time

You and your team will have access to leads and will be able to match them with their ideal vehicle in real time.

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