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Extend Reach

This pillar enables the system to deliver the rich content to a broader audience in real time. The comprehensive information and photos are posted simultaneously in your website and other marketing channels where you subscribe. It can also be posted on eBay if you want it auctioned on that site.

The system creates comprehensive marketing messages that include key words reflecting buyers' search criteria. This increases your chances of attracting more buyers and the likelihood that your dealership will become the buyers' first touch point with the vehicles that are of interest to them.

The system also provides links so buyers in one website can be re-directed to your dealership website and view your other vehicles.

Proactively Manage Leads

Our Lead Management Tool allows you to harvest leads and market other vehicles and/or notify them of price changes.

Go Beyond your Local Market

Auction Management Tool extends your reach to potential buyers outside of your local market. It enables you to post vehicles on eBay with a click. It harvests additional leads at the end of each auction.

Redirect Resources to Accelerate Sales

Market Efficiency Index Report reveals how much assets are marketable at any point in time. This will allow you to redirect resources appropriately and identify opportunities for price changes to move vehicles faster.